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On this page there is a size chart for every product.
It's always possible to customize the size of a product, without any costs!

Nosepiece for a normal halter
Shet: 20 cm
Pony: 23cm
Cob: 27 cm
Full: 29 cm
Extra Full: 32 cm

Nosepiece for a ropehalter
Shet: 21 cm
Pony: 23 cm
Cob: 24 cm
Full: 25 cm
Extra full: 26 cm

Mini: 40-45 cm
Shet: 45-50 cm
Pony: 50-55 cm
Cob: 55-60 cm
Full: 60-65 cm
Extra full: 65-70 cm

Mini/shet: 2,00 m
Pony: 2,50 m
Cob/full: 3,00 m

Mini: 105 cm
Shet: 120 cm
Pony: 140 cm
Cob: 160 cm
Full: 175 cm
Extra full: 185 cm

3,7m en 6,7m

Normal leadrope
2 m

Eleanne's Neusbontjes

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